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At CU Solutions Group, we’re pretty confident to claim that there’s not a human resource or performance management concern your credit union may have that HR Performance Solutions can’t help. From performance and compensation to compliance and numerous other wonderful things, HR Performance Solutions is here for your credit union.

When is an employee appraisal not an employee appraisal? When it's done using Performance Pro! This online program can turn your performance review process into a hassle-free part of your day. Performance Pro's powerful and easy-to-use system will help align your employees' performance to your credit union's strategic goals. We want to help your credit unions' staff the best it can be.
Do you know what your credit union staff is worth? Are their paychecks fair and equitable? Compease can answer those questions and many, many more. It provides accurate and reliable salary tools that can help your credit union drive employee performance, increase staff retention, reduce HR costs and increase ROI savings. All in a single, easy-to-use compensation solution.

Need additional resources for your human resources? HR Performance Solutions can also help your credit union with these products and services.