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Although we don’t like to brag, we at Marketing Solutions try to have the perfect combination of talent, professionalism and innovative products your credit union needs to get the results it deserves.


National multi-state prize-linked savings program that gives credit union members the chance to win cash prizes just for saving money. Since it began in 2009, Save to Win has helped credit union members save nearly $100 million.

Prize-Linked Promotion solutions


From marketing platforms based on artificial intelligence that serve targeted ads to the right members at the right time, to profiling potential members based the nation’s largest primary consumer insights database, we help credit unions optimize marketing dollars by spending them on tactics with high ROI.

Prize-Linked Promotion solutions


Making your credit union a reliable resource by providing concise and understandable personal finance and consumer articles, user-friendly financial calculators and answers to a variety of loan, savings and investment questions.

Prize-Linked Promotion solutions


Looking for other ways to make your marketing and advertising efforts even more fabulous at your credit union? Marketing Solutions also offers these additional products and services.