Talk about a captive audience! Gas Station TV (GSTV) gives customers something to watch while filling their tank. And CU Solutions Group thinks they should learn more about your credit union while they watch! Not only that, GSTV can help your credit union create loan opportunities, grow wallet share, gain new members, retain current members and drive traffic to its website.

Viewers within Reach
CU Solutions Group and GSTV give your credit union the ability to reach your community one-on-one at the pump at gas stations near you. According to Nielsen, GSTV viewers are captive, watching and want to come back for more. And what an audience! GSTV offers:

  • Premium viewers:
    • 6 in 10 viewers will bank in person or use the ATM
    • 78% age 18-49
    • 55% more likely  to acquire new savings or checking account
  • More than 52 million viewers per month
  • 88% watch every time they pump
  • Broadcasted content to 165+ designated market areas (DMAs) nationwide

In Good Company
When your credit union advertises with GSTV you’ll get a custom-produced spot that will be in good company with exclusive content from ESPN, CNN's Headline News and The Buzz Today, Bloomberg TV and AccuWeather. You’ll find GSTV at major gas retailers like Speedway, Shell, Exxon, Chevron and more.

GSTV in 4 Easy Steps
Your credit union spot can be on the air within two weeks of confirming your GSTV contract. Here’s how the GSTV process works:

  1. You work with a CU Solutions Group marketing consultant to develop your marketing plan and campaign.
  2. We map your branch locations to the nearest GSTV gas stations.
  3. We can bundle marketing and analytic services with your GSTV media to increase your ROI.
  4. We help create your spot and GSTV programs it to play at predetermined stations.

More questions?  Visit our FAQ page.

Or click on the GSTV Screenshots tab to view three videos about GSTV. The videos show you an example of what GSTV looks like; what the GSTV user experience is and how it can help your credit union; and give you a peak at an Invest in America spot.

Please contact CU Solutions Group for a quote.