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The Membership Enhancements program Invest in America was
created with two goals in mind: to help credit union members save and
to assist credit unions in aligning their core products and services with
exclusive offers from trusted U.S.-based partners.

Since its inception in 2008, Invest in America has made a positive impact in the credit union industry and beyond. Its results can be tracked by the millions of members who’ve saved money, the hundreds of thousands of American vehicles sold and the over a quarter million auto loans generated through the program.

Invest in America is also proud to have been honored by receiving the 2012 Herb Wegner Memorial Award for Outstanding Program from the National Credit Union Foundation. Check out the 2012 Herb Wegner Memorial Award for Outstanding Program Video.

CU Solutions Group is excited to partner with CUNA Strategic Services in promoting the Invest in America Membership Enhancements program. CUNA Strategic Services, Inc. (often referred to as CSS) provides credit unions with access to high quality products, services and technologies delivered with a competitive advantage made possible through volume pricing and strategic program development. CUNA Strategic Services is jointly owned by Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and the state credit union leagues.


4 Ways Invest in America Can Help Your Credit Union Grow:

Card Promotions
Several of Invest in America's partners are a perfect match to help cultivate your credit union’s debit and credit card programs. Tie
your promotions with partners like TurboTaxDIRECTV,
Shop America and others. Include our inserts in your monthly
statements – they remind members how much they can save
with your great rates and low fees.
Loan Promotions
Boost your auto loans when you align your credit union with Invest in America's Credit Union Member Discount from GM. We’ve helped generate hundreds of thousands of auto loans with this partnership which also offers many opportunities to easily promote your credit union’s auto loans. GM's Enhanced program offers your credit union customized marketing materials to help promote it to your members.
Revenue Growth
Not only has Invest in America helped more than 1.3 million credit union members save over $260 milion with the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount, this discount program also allows your credit union to generate non-fee income from its incentive pool. And our newest offering, Credit Union Auto Club, allows your credit union to earn marketing reimbursements – as well as bring a valuable roadside assistance program to your members. They’re the ideal combination of revenue growth for your credit union and valuable savings for your members.
Invest in America Partners
The Invest in America team carefully selects each partner with your credit union’s mission and needs in mind. We make sure they’re based in the United States, are of top quality and offer something your credit union members could actually use. And we’re always on the lookout for new, exciting partners to add to our distinguished list and build an even stronger membership enhancements program.

To help make each of these options work for your credit union, Invest in America offers free professionally-developed marketing materials and a strong support team to make it all run smoothly.

Discover the opportunities that tying your credit union’s core products and services with this program can bring.  Enroll in Invest in America today!