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In Sight, In Mind, In Favor

What do coffee tumblers, ink pens and USB drives have in common? You use them hundreds of times throughout the year … and so do your members. Promotional materials are the ultimate supplement to your marketing efforts. They offer among the best cost per impression of any advertising medium and leave a lasting impact.

Your Credit Union: Top-of-Mind

Broadcast, digital, inbound and outbound marketing can all deliver good ROI, but once your email is deleted, your mailer thrown away or the channel changed, you’re out of sight and out of mind. Promo products are the final, crucial piece of the puzzle that’ll boost your message and keep your credit union on the forefront.

Advertising with Next-Level Longevity

With the average promotional item kept for six or more months, you’re building brand awareness with the person using your item, and those they come in contact with. With your custom branded items, they are, in essence, traveling advertisements. And what’s more, with great products from FocusIQ Ad Specialty, they’re happy to do it!

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Review, Recall, Repeat — FocusIQ Ad Specialty keeps your credit union in sight, in mind and in favor.