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Marketing Solutions

Gas Station TV


Drive ROI with the Best in Geo-targeted Advertising

Matching the brand recognition of a national bank is a tall order. But you don’t need to beat them on a national scale … you only need to beat them in your backyard.

GSTV® gives you access to an audience that’s captive, watching and near your credit union — at the gas pump.

America’s #1 Video Network at the Pump

Connect with on-the-go consumers while they have a moment to consider your ad. Your custom-produced spot will be featured at major gas retailers like Speedway, Shell, Exxon and Chevron alongside exclusive content from ESPN, CNN’s Headline News, CNET, Bloomberg TV, AccuWeather and more.

Geo-targeted Advertising with Impressive ROI

Advertise to a large area or target-market down to a single, specific gas station. GSTV grants the flexibility needed to drive the most value possible out of your media impressions. Best of all — credit unions can now access exclusive GSTV discounts only available through CU Solutions Group!

Broadcast advertising at an online price. It doesn’t get more cost effective than that.

Read the GSTV FAQs to learn more.