Customized, Cloud-Based Salary Administration & Planning Systems

You have everything to gain when using Compease from CU Solutions Group. It provides you the tools, salary data and compensation consulting expertise your credit union needs to manage employee compensation with ease, accountability and confidence. Used nationally by nearly 700 credit unions.

Running on empty when it comes to evaluating salaries at your credit union? CU Solutions Group’s Compease will make compensation evaluations worth your while. 

We provide you with a complete and annually updated compensation administration and salary planning system. Our system includes market-driven salary data, compensation consulting expertise, and user friendly compensation administration software that will give you confidence knowing your employee compensation plan is aligned with salary data specific to your industry and geographic location as well as equitable across the organization.

Positioning your credit union to succeed:

  • Job evaluation system — Eight compensable factors allow you to easily compare job responsibilities, ensuring internal equity.
  • Salary grades and ranges — Salary data from an extensive survey base provides reliable information when developing ranges. Data is specific to industry, size and geographic location. Compease supports up to 24 salary grades.
  • Merit increase planning — Individual merit increase guidelines are developed and projected for the entire organization.
  • Compensation management — Reporting capabilities are extensive and include compa-ratio reports and current/projected salaries for individuals.
  • Salary updates — Annual salary data updates ensure your compensation plan remains competitive.
  • Job descriptions — Compease includes proforma job descriptions.
  • Compensation consulting expertise — Every Compease client receives customized salary data analysis and customized salary plan development by a certified compensation consulting specialist.
  • Onsite system implementation and user training — That's right. We come to you.
Compensation Administration That's as Good as Gold

Compensation administration is closely linked to effective employee performance management. Compease is your golden opportunity to align your compensation plan with employee performance. It provides the budgeting and merit increase tools your credit union's managers need to pay employees based on their performance ratings, current salary levels and experience. 

If you are looking for more than a spreadsheet of confusing and very expensive compensation and salary planning data, or a one-dimensional ‘add-on’ shell compensation module that needs you to supply the data, then we invite you to experience the Compease difference. We promise, you won’t find anything quite like it!