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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use GSTV?
GSTV is an effective digital media tactic that can be layered with other marketing and media tactics you're already using to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. Best uses include brand awareness, product visibility, and location approximation. Your advertising will be in good company as it is interspersed with valuable exclusive content from ESPN, HLN, CNN Trending, What's Trending, Fusion Now, CNET, On-the-Go Weather and more.

Can multiple credit unions advertise at the same time? 
Yes, up to 2 credit unions per station. Exclusivity is available for a 30% premium (subject to availability).

Will we be able to find out if other credit unions or banks are running spots at these same locations?
If another credit union or bank buys a spot during your flight, we will make sure they are separated in the loop.

Is there a production fee associated with GSTV creating a spot?
An additional fee will not be charged for creating your spot if you choose from GSTV’s templates. If you would like a customized spot outside of the templates, a production fee will be applied based on customization.

Can you provide more info on how the production process works? We provide creative direction and can write the script, correct? About how long will it take to put the spot together?
We have a creative brief that outlines what you are looking for and the suggested script so we have an idea of what to build for you. Ideally we would want to know what your direction is, what the message is (auto loan, debit card, etc.), what part of the footage you like and want used, etc. At that point, we build a storyboard for you to approve and then build the spot for you to approve. We can provide a form to gather this information or if you prefer we can have a call to get that from you.

What is the average turnaround time from signing the insertion order to actually placing the ads on the screen?
From the time we get your assets (logos and existing footage) and direction, the spot can be on air within 2 weeks.

How do you determine an impression and how are they measured? 
The impression number equals the number of transactions (viewers) per station. 1 impression = 1 transaction. GSTV has been measured by Nielsen for 5+ years.

Does the media price differ depending on the flight length?
Yes. Flights 26-51 Weeks = 5% discount or 52+ Weeks = 10% discount.

How many miles out can a credit union advertise at stations?
GSTV can accommodate various mile radius options, typically stations within a 5 mile radius of your branches are quoted.

Is there a reason your spots are :15 instead of :30? 
We have found through studies that :15 GSTV spots were equally or more effective than the :30 counterpart.

If I buy a :20 spot at a station does it run in every 4 minute loop every day throughout my buy? 
Yes it does. Your spot will run every day at every station purchased during your entire buy.

If I have a television spot I am using, can I utilize it for a GSTV media buy? 
Yes, GSTV can run and complement your current media spot.

Do I have to purchase more than one station or a minimum number of weeks? 
A minimum of $3,500 or 12 weeks must be purchased. One station can be purchased but it must run long enough to equate to $3,500.

Can I use the spot created by GSTV in my lobby or on our website?
Credit unions may utilize videos created for GSTV media buys on their website and/or display in their credit union lobbies. Usage outside of these two mediums is outside of licensing agreements and prohibited.

If two credit unions purchase a spot at the same station, can the spots look different?
Yes, various templates can be selected from to ensure the spots look different.