LifeSteps Wallet

LifeSteps Wallet's vision is to keep your credit union "top of mind" and "top of wallet" and help members, especially tech-savvy Millennials, before, during and after life's biggest financial decisions.

LifeSteps Wallet is a mobile banking enhancement suite that will integrate with your credit union's brand and services. The app wraps around and enhances your mobile banking platform, allowing for a more affordable integration of features without distrupting your core mobile banking app. Plus, if your credit union changes your mobile banking provider, this container of enhancement features remains a consistent, recognizable mobile experience for members.  It is designed to enhance your credit union's mobile offerings while matching important solutions with your members' major life events and everyday choices.

Join a product development community of credit unions who will share ideas for the next generation of mobile enhancements. 

One mobile app. More member value. 


Beautifully designed financial technology delivered under your credit union's brand

LifeSteps Wallet, patent pending, is a mobile banking enhancement suite that enhances your credit union's mobile banking experience while saving your members time and money. It is an affordable platform with a modular, customizable app that will integrate seamlessly at a fraction of what it would cost your credit union to develop on its own. 

Credit Union Services

Access mobile banking, send and receive money, view latest interest rates, apply for loans, find nearby ATMs, chat with a credit union representative and more.


Discover nearby merchants with exclusive deals for credit union members, conveniently access national brand discounts, book travel at considerable savings, securely store receipts, loyalty cards and more.

Financial Wellness

Uncover identity theft risk, monitor credit score, gain access to discounted legal resources and more.


Research, build, price and finance new and used vehicles; store maintenance records; get on-demand roadside assistance and more.


Search for-sale and rental listings, discover property values, find trusted contractors, track repair invoices, get design inspiration and more.

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