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Consumer Rewards
More than 80% of consumers report that they, "do not enjoy the car buying process." That's a sad and staggering fact for a trillion-dollar U.S. industry. Purchasing a vehicle should be fun and exciting, not tedious and tiring.

To help shake up an industry overdue for disruption, Love My Credit Union Rewards has teamed up with Carvana to offer members an exclusive $100 cash reward on the purchase of any vehicle, real-time loan leads for your credit union and a vastly improved car buying experience that suppresses competitive financing offers and promotes yours instead.

Carvana logo Carvana is the leading e-commerce platform for buying certified, pre-owned vehicles and is the fastest-growing auto retailer in the U.S. Your members can get pre-approved for an auto loan with your credit union and start shopping more than 20,000 vehicles from the comfort of their home. And once they choose their car, its hand delivered for a safe, simple, streamlined user experience.

Finding the Right Vehicle, Fast

Founded in 2012, Carvana is on a mission to change the way people buy cars. By removing a daunting and stressful dealership infrastructure and replacing it with technology and exceptional customer service, Carvana offers consumers a simple and intuitive online car-buying platform. Reduced overhead translates into lower prices, premium vehicles, an enhanced user experience and the elimination of hidden fees.

Your members find the right car by browsing an inventory of more than 20,000 low-milage, certified used vehicles that can be filtered by price, make, model, year, body type, special features and more. They can take vehicles for a virtual spin and inspect features with Carvana's patented 360-degree photo technology, then head to the details tab to view vehicle specifications and access a free vehicle history report.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With a purchase process that can take as little as 10 minutes and delivery possible as soon as next day, Carvana has also enhanced the concept of the test drive—car buyers get to live with the car for a full week to ensure the vehicle fits their needs and lifestyle. They can show their friends and take it to a trusted mechanic to be checked out. Once the week is up, if for any reason they don’t love it, Carvana will take it back, no questions asked!

With Carvana your members can:

More Member Savings, More Auto Loan Leads

Your members save three times when they purchase their vehicle through Carvana: once when they open a new auto loan with your credit union, a second time when Carvana passes on the savings advantage of lower overhead, and again with an exclusive $100 cashback from Love My Credit Union Rewards.

Your credit union will receive immediate notification when your members enter the Carvana digital marketplace through You can follow up with your members to help guide them through the financing process and reinforce the benefit of being a member of your credit union.

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