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Dynamic Leaders Seize Opportunities to Transform the Ordinary to Extraordinary.

Attaining and retaining talent that complements the distinct personality of your credit union is key to cultivating a better experience for members and employees. Change doesn't start with hiring talent, it begins with hiring the right talent. Finding the best cultural fit can be daunting. CUSG Executive Search leverages industry knowledge and a recruitment methodology to identify and attract high-caliber candidates who seamlessly align with your values, goals and vision.

Effective hiring processes bring dynamic leaders that positively transform their working environments. This results in enhanced job satisfaction and improved performance. Today's tight job market means organizations are vying for the best talent to accelerate business growth, fuel innovation, drive change and map out strategy to give them an edge on their competition. CUSG Executive Search logo

It's critical to identify and attract A-list candidates.

Having the personnel can transform your credit union from mediocre to exceptional. It's crucial to separate credentialed professionals who fit your culture from those who just don't make the cut. With Baby Boomers in the credit union industry continuing to retire, there is an urgent need for improved recruiting processes to identify emerging leaders.

You need to partner with our experts.

CUSG Executive Search provides credit unions of all sizes with an intensive, focused search to find the right match that fits your culture and vision. Our proficient search consultants approach each assignment with a consistent, time-tested, thorough process, derived from decades of experience. You will benefit from the expertise and proven track record renowned for attaining and retaining top talent for credit unions throughout the U.S.

What sets CUSG Executive Search apart?

Our accomplished search consultants partner with you to define your unique needs for mid- to senior-level professionals to join your team. Our service offers a more formal commitment on an exclusive basis which allows us to dedicate resources to initiate and execute a customizable plan. Our networking and recruiting tried-and-true approach streamlines the bureaucratic application process so you vet only the strongest finalists to find your ideal candidate.

Key Features:

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" DFCU Financial has benefited on numerous occasions from ASG's expertise in filling positions from the C-Suite on down. Their long history of success has resulted in a well-established network to source potential candidates. Their screening process produces only well-qualified candidates to make the most efficient use of your time. Individuals we have hired with ASG's assistance play major roles in our organization today."

Mark W. Shobe
President & CEO
DFCU Financial

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