Purpose-driven boards apply expertise and foresight to maintain the integrity of their organization

Strategic Advisory Solutions

Governance excellence begins with sound judgment and responsible oversight

A forward-thinking board is always seeking new ways to improve corporate governance; collaborate with management and exemplify a positive attitude towards change. As your board reassesses and reworks a governance framework CU Solutions Group partners with you to develop an action plan to refine best practices so you can devote more time to high-priority activities such as strategic planning, compliance, performance, risk management and talent acquisition and retention.

Programs to help you make sound, informed decisions and enhance governance efficiency

We offer subject-matter expertise on the following professional development services:

Free and useful resources for your board

  Let us help you identify sustainable priorities to deliver a robust strategy for better governance outcomes, so you leave a legacy of leadership.

"Leadership feels like a dying art that needs to be revolutionized. If that can be done, Strategic Advisors will find a way and we will surely listen."

Jill Lagan
Community Chamber of Commerce

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