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Understanding the Board of Directors' role and responsibilities is fundamental to the successful governance of your credit union. From determining roles and responsibilities for Board members and officers, to identifying how your Board will successfully renew itself and execute its duties, clarity is a must.

Board Members are expected to establish direction and control of the credit union, understand financial metrics as well as other duties carried out in good faith. We can help ensure all board members, regardless of tenure all meet these requirements.

Key Features – Board Member Training Process

An effective board uses meetings, committees, and task forces to fully execute their governance and leadership responsibilities. A diverse board may have varying degrees of experience and understanding of the roles and responsibilities as they undertake these important roles. Governance consulting can help boards fully leverage these important groups with full confidence they function at the highest level of governance excellence.

Key Features – Governance Consulting: Performance

CEO Review

The Board has one employee, the credit union's CEO. While Board members are always quick to say that one of their primary responsibilities is to "hire and fire the CEO," they should remember that the CEO's success is also often the Board’s success, as well as the credit union’s success. Additionally, supporting the CEO is central among the chief responsibilities of a Board. Other conduct and performance policies will help guide governance and leadership decision-making for your credit union.

The CEO Review process is designed around the unique requirements and needs of your credit union. It aligns performance to a CEO payout that is in sync with both the marketplace and the board’s compensation philosophy. With CEO Review, boards and CEO's have access to all of the market data they need to make good decisions as well as experienced compensation consultants to help them better interpret the data and design appropriate goals.

Key Features:

We provide a multi-prong approach to net the best results: Organization Performance – Strategic Planning

Your business strategy is requisite to your fiscal health, vitality and sustainability. Defining, developing and executing an effective strategic plan requires finesse and know-how to better-position your organization now and in the future. Strategic Advisory Solutions advisors’ deep knowledge of strategy and deliberation are invaluable to fleshing out ideas, identifying gaps and reaching consensus among leadership.

Key Features: Free and useful resources for your board Let us help you identify sustainable priorities to deliver a robust strategy for better governance outcomes, so you leave a legacy of leadership.

"There is a need within the industry for thought leadership and the Strategic Advisory group is excellent in providing advisory services that impact and make a difference."

Susan Mitchell,
CEO of Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates

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