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CU Solutions Group is pleased to partner with PayQwick to equip credit unions with the technology, compliance and product capabilities needed to provide reliable treasury and payment solutions to cannabis-related businesses without the additional costs and risks of serving the industry.

Whether your credit union is already serving cannabis businesses or just starting to evaluate the industry landscape, PayQwick has solutions from full portfolio outsourcing to portfolio management to new program launch. Join the PayQwick Financial Network today to participate in their national payment & settlement network.PayQwick


Their proprietary BSA/AML program helps support your regulatory resource connectivity to ensure all funds and transactions are state compliant.


They partner with you to solve treasury management needs to improve your operational efficiency and allow you to focus on your core business.


Their platform and products are designed to serve your financial needs and help to standardize processes and experiences.

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"PayQwick's mission is to bring secure and reliable financial services – including treasury management and payment processing – to cash-intensive businesses, making it safer and easier to do business.”"

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