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CU Solutions Group Has Partnered With Progress Coaching

Progress Coaching is a national leader in workplace coaching working with credit unions, publicly traded companies, professional sports teams, Silicon Valley technology companies, etc. some of their clients include ESL Federal Credit Union, Rock valley Credit Union, Bayer Science, Manitou, Corning, etc.

Leadership Coaching Certificate Program

• 14 different coaching methods
• An easy-to-use 4-step coaching conversation model that saves time!
• How to use specific question types to maximize engagement
• How to motivate and inspire employees
• How to retain & develop "Top Talent"
• How to use specific coaching strategies that save you time
• How to use "supplemental Coaching" that requires no time!
• And so much more...

1. Online Course
2. Certification Test: Objective & Subjective Test: Certificate Completion
3. 4 Reinforcement Courses
4. One Year of Coaching PODS - monthly group coaching sessions practicing the craft of coaching with other leaders
5. 1 on 1 Private Coaching Sessions with a Certified Coach
1. Why Leadership Conversations Matter
2. Coaching Positive Attitudes & Motivation Levels
3. Coaching Effective Communication
4. Coaching to Handle Conflict Thoughtfully & Professionally

You have a choice of a one or two monthly coaching session with a certified Progress Coach. The sessions are specific to the needs of each person providing a combination of practice and planning.


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Free Workshop on August 25th

5 Coaching Strategies to Help Drive Your Credit Union's Employee Motivation
Offered August 25th at 1 p.m. EDT

This workshop will teach credit unions and their leaders specific coaching strategies that will help drive engagement, talent, and performance. The following strategies will be taught to enable credit unions and their leaders to go to the next level:

1. The #1 mistake leaders make and how to avoid it
2. A whiteboard coaching approach that drives positive motivation
3. How to coach to motivation where employees actually embrace change
4. One simple technique that drives engagement and motivation at the same time
5. A simple conversation model that saves leaders time when coaching to motivation

Tim Hagen in progress coaching have been teaching leaders inside and outside the credit union for 25 plus years as one of The Pioneers in the workplace coaching movement. You will find Tim's approach the webinars is highly engaging and energetic.

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"The new managers who have been participating in this program are energized after each session and are visibly more confident as leaders. They have all personally thanked me for allowing them to participate in this training. I would highly recommend Progress Coaching's training for new and existing leaders in your organization!"

Darlyne Keller,
CEO Rock Valley Credit Union

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