A Cost-effective Way to Manage Vendor Risk and Regulatory Due Diligence

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Vendors can make or break your credit union's security—our worry-free solution manages the complexities of vendor management so you can focus on your members.

It's all in the details. The NCUA expects credit unions to follow a comprehensive risk-based approach to vendor management, but expending the time and money to comply to all the rigorous regulations can be challenging. Credit Union Vendor Management (CUVM) is a simple, automated solution to help your credit union comply with federal and state regulations.

We know that your vendor relationships are a critical component to your credit union's building-blocks success. To save you time and alleviate stress, we have developed a user-friendly, all-in-one vendor management solution created by credit unions for credit unions.

Automated vendor compliance eliminates human error and mitigates regulatory risk.

While your employees handle the basics of vendor compliance, our automated system provides a failsafe way of managing potential risk. Our systemic processes identify vulnerabilities and deploys methods to mitigate these risks. Our system uses cloud-based technology to efficiently collect, distribute and manage vital vendor due diligence information. Man using computer

The system built for credit unions by credit unions.

CUVM was created just for credit unions by credit unions, vendors and industry experts to deliver a dependable and cost-effective way to perform vendor regulatory due diligence. CUVM provides your credit union with peace of mind knowing that all your vendor contracts are monitored and the vendor due diligence is compliant with NCUA regulations.

What sets CUVM apart from the competition?

Our system is more than just a software solution. It is an end-to-end solution that eliminates redundant research and process management by combining proprietary software and personalized service. We also assign a representative to work with your staff to set up the process and communicate with the vendor.

Key Features:

Take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing your credit union’s vendor due diligence. CUVM frees your time to concentrate on your members, saves you money and gives you peace of mind knowing you are compliant with NCUA regulations.

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