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Core Strategic Advisory Solutions

Core Strategic Advisory Solutions

Does your organization's strategy need a fresh perspective? Has company growth plateaued? You need a guiding strategy that makes you relevant by providing products/services in demand. Your business strategies are requisite for your fiscal health, vitality and sustainability. Strategic Advisory Solutions offers industry-centric guidance to accelerate your business growth.

Planning Pro is the answer to all your planning needs. Board, management and staff planning becomes a breeze. How? Planning Pro allows you to create your strategic plan as a living document, where you can create and automatically update presentations, use call report data to bring the right questions to the table, compare data with peer credit union groups, survey your employees and more — all while enjoying a simple, intuitive-user experience.

Strategic Advisory Solutions' advisors work with your leadership to drive positive change in your organization. We help you motivate! We help you engage. We help you resolve conflict and develop situational awareness. Our advisors cross-pollinate expertise with facilitation, so your leaders become more confident, insightful and approachable, and become part of a stronger network of future leaders.

Our industry-specific compliance advisors partner with you to develop a solid compliance program that incorporates best practices to ensure your organization's safety and soundness. Our thorough assessments and customized approach helps you comply with regulations, keep pace with the latest developments and drive your business strategy forward.

AffirmX's patented risk management and compliance technology, the AffirmX Risk Intel Platform, is designed to help credit unions seamlessly comply with laws and regulations and addresses emerging risks at a fraction of the cost that consulting and accounting firms charge.

ComplySight is the easy-to-navigate, self-driven platform for credit unions to address compliance initiatives through a single application. This internal compliance solution assists in the organization's overall communication, supporting a state of continual readiness for audits, and providing regulatory updates essential to maintaining credit union compliance.

CUVM was created just for credit unions by credit unions, vendors and industry experts to deliver a dependable and cost-effective way to perform vendor regulatory due diligence. CUVM provides your credit union with peace of mind knowing that all your vendor contracts are monitored and the vendor due diligence is compliant with NCUA regulations.

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Key Insights: Managing Risk in Strategy

Credit unions have traditionally treated enterprise risk management (ERM) as a largely static entity, focused inward on the institution's internal operational controls. However, with market volatility, complex new regulations and increasing demand for technology and collaboration with fintech, ERM is proving to be an ever-changing process. As risks change and evolve, so too must a credit union’s ERM.


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Additional Strategic Advisory Solutions

Additional Strategic Advisory Solutions

Digital downloads, templates and training at your fingertips. You deserve access to the best in the industry. Our Strategic Advisors and partners help you and your business serve, grow and remain strong.

CU Solutions Group is pleased to partner with PayQwick to equip credit unions with the technology, compliance and product capabilities needed to provide reliable treasury and payment solutions to cannabis-related businesses without the additional costs and risks of serving the industry. Whether your credit union is already serving cannabis businesses or just starting to evaluate the industry landscape, PayQwick has solutions from full portfolio outsourcing to portfolio management to new program launch.

In partnership with CU Solutions Group, Cooperative Clout evaluates two aspects of performance, Member Value Added and Operating Muscle, to answer those questions. Credit unions scoring highest in both areas have the greatest Cooperative Clout. Credit unions with Cooperative Clout have a competitive advantage; they are delivering a value proposition to members in a financially sustainable manner.

Our CEO Review gives you the tools to effectively evaluate and tie your CEO's performance to your credit union's goals and priorities.

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Key Insights: Building Transitional Leadership Infrastructure

Mobilizing growth starts with a blueprint. It requires building block strategies and purposeful planning to construct and maintain a resilient, sustainable infrastructure. While credit unions continue to grapple with daunting challenges such as digital adaptation and competitive positioning, there is also an urgency to develop leadership transition plans that anticipate for change. Credit unions need energized and motivated people who are pumped up to take the next step. That kind of positivity and progress is what is needed to drive organizations forward.


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