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The mobile banking enhancement suite that engages credit union members before, during and after life's biggest financial decisions.

LifeSteps Wallet is packed with powerful financial technology. From financial services to shopping, homebuying, travel, identity protection and more, this comprehensive mobile experience keeps your credit union top of mind and top of wallet when it matters most.

Technology your members expect, delivered under your credit union brand.

It's more than a trend ... mobile banking is the new norm and is still growing in sophistication and popularity. These same people are using their phones to find nearby restaurants, price new vehicles and even search for a home.

Credit unions are uniquely qualified to protect and enhance the financial interests of their members in this emerging mobile market but are seeing increased pressure from interloping third-party intermediaries, merchant groups and non-bank mobile ventures. In order to compete, it is imperative that credit unions offer comprehensive mobile experiences to their members; however, developing these apps in-house can be cost prohibitive.

LifeSteps Wallet leverages cooperative research and development to invest in key mobile technologies that enable credit unions to fully serve members within their own branded environment by sharing a secure, flexible, cost-effective platform that ensures their position in the financial technology ecosystem.

With this new solution, we've taken care of everything. The research has been conducted to optimize user experience; the relationships have been made with retailers; the discounts have been negotiated. Your members will love it and so will you. LifeSteps Wallet is accessible - and best of all, entirely affordable.

Why your members will love it.

LifeSteps Wallet provides a single solution for busy members before, during and after life's biggest financial decisions. With this one app, members can research and compare pricing for vehicles and homes, apply for a loan with your credit union, purchase insurance and so much more.

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Why your credit union will love it.

LifeSteps Wallet's design keeps members in one place - your credit union. This means that once they've made the decision to purchase a home or vehicle, your credit union is top of mind when applying for the loan. While shopping, your members' debit cards stay top of wallet and can be easily linked to PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Android Pay and dozens of others for online, in-app and in-store purchases. The benefits go on and on. LifeSteps Wallet logo

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