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The mobile solutions your members are looking for.

As more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet, mobile banking has become a must-have for your prospective members. In the younger demographics, not having a robust mobile platform is a deal breaker.

Our Scalable Mobile App solutions help you deliver all the mobile functionality banking customers expect, while allowing you to customize it to your credit union. And they fit into your operating budget, which makes them look good to everybody.

Developing and maintaining an app costs a fortune in-house.

For most credit unions, building a mobile app in-house can be cost-prohibitive and a drain on valuable resources. Yet over 90 percent of Americans with smartphones use mobile banking in some capacity. Members expect the same services in-branch, online and on their smartphones. To remain credible and viable, credit unions need to deliver a consistently positive experience across all channels and platforms. scalable mobile apps logo

Technology Solutions provides a better, more affordable way.

CU Solutions Group® has created Scalable Mobile App solutions that provide members with the mobile banking services they want and expect from their credit union. Our library of turnkey, app-based tools and resources are updated and expanded continually. We provide off-the-shelf and custom mobile applications to attract new members. These apps deliver a consistent experience on all devices and platforms and can fit any budget.

We help credit unions be competitive with larger financial institutions by allowing members to take their credit union with them wherever they go, using a user-friendly app solution: Mobile Finance Manager™.

What can Mobile Finance Manager do?

Our turnkey mobile app solution — Mobile Finance Manager — has a well-developed library of mobile banking tools that gives members instant access to account balances, transaction history, balance transfers, photo check deposit, photo bill pay, peer-to-peer payments, branch locators and much more.

The Mobile Finance Manager also provides Google Analytics monitoring tools and the latest security features that keep your members' data safe. The application seamlessly integrates three key mobile technologies — native, downloadable, credit union apps; mobile-optimized web; and SMS texting — to help connect your members easily, securely and affordably.

Key Features:

We offer the tools for credit unions of any size to stay competitive through our turnkey mobile applications while creating custom solutions that continually meet the digital demands of your members — helping you stay a step ahead of the competition.

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