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Technology Solutions

Enrolling new members with your credit union even when you're closed

Credit unions continue to search for innovative ways to increase flexibility so they attract more members. We offer Real-Time Member Enrollment-Xpress Membership, a decision-making tool that enrolls new members in real-time.

The decision-making criteria is completely customizable by you. We consolidate data from your branch, call centers and kiosks. Even existing members can use the tool to open and fund accounts. It also has a paperless workflow and seamless integration with Loan Decision+, our fast-track pre-qualification loan system that works for credit unions 24/7.

Gone are the days of visiting a branch to apply for membership. Now you won't be bound by limited operating hours—the new member can join anytime it's convenient for them.


Reap the benefits by growing your membership day and night with our Real-Time Membership Enrollment system, Xpress Membership.

Our Xpress Membership system delivers:

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