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Advertise to a large area or target down to a single, specific gas station. Used nationally by over 60 credit unions, GSTV grants the flexibility needed to drive the most value possible out of your media impressions. Credit Unions can use GSTV to promote new branch openings, auto loans, home loans, events and more! Best of all — credit unions can now access exclusive GSTV discounts only available through CU Solutions Group! Broadcast advertising at an online price. It doesn't get more cost effective than that!


GSTV® gives you access to an audience that’s captive, watching and near your credit union — at the gas pump.

GSTV reaches your customers!

Gas Station TV

GSTV is America's No. 1 video network at the pump. Delivering the hard to reach, on-the–go consumer, GSTV reaches hundreds of millions of viewers every month at the nation's leading gas retailers across the United States. 

Offering an industry-leading experience, GSTV engages, influences and drives consumers to action on behalf of its advertisers. With exclusive content from premium providers, GSTV viewers enjoy informative and entertaining segments from ESPN, HLN, CNN Trending, What’s Trending, Fusion Now, CNET, On-the-Go Weather and more.

GSTV can be viewed throughout the country at leading gas retailers like Speedway, Circle K, Tesoro, Sunoco, BP, Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, Gulf, Arco, Marathon, Exxon-Mobil, Shell and Murphy USA.

Read the GSTV FAQs to learn more.