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Core Performance Solutions

Core Performance Solutions

Performance Pro provides credit unions of all sizes with best-in-class performance management technology to improve employee performance and engagement. The system automates and can drastically help simplify the HR department's workload by eliminating repetitive administrative tasks and by streamlining and archiving all interactions between management and employees — focusing on strategic initiatives instead. You'll get the most out of your employees while your credit union continues to stay nimble.

Compease is a total employee compensation solution that provides employers with the tools, information and consulting needed to manage salary administration with ease and confidence. The system is user-friendly and generates simple-to-absorb reports. We designed Compease to help credit unions ensure their compensation programs are market-competitive and will allow them to attract and retain top talent.

The Learning Center can support the purpose of your employee learning and development needs, including their regulatory and compliance training requirements. By combining an integrated learning management system with an extensive library of courses, The Learning Center can maximize the training investment in your most important credit union resource, your employees.

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Key Insights: The Automation of HR

Automation these days has something of a negative connotation. The first thing many people think of when they hear "automation" is that someone’s job has been made redundant. However, in many cases this is not exactly true. For many fields, such as human resources, automation is simply a tool that can result in greater efficiency and value for an organization.


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Additional Performance Solutions

Additional Performance Solutions

HR Suite Plus powered by ThinkHR

Employees are usually a business's biggest asset. Conversely, those same employees are also the biggest risk. If you have employees, you have employee-centric exposures, also known as people risks. These risks are rapidly increasing and evolving, and what were once considered minor problems are now potentially disastrous for businesses.

Custom HR Consulting delivers a customized salary data analysis and plan development from a certified compensation consulting specialist. You will have a competitive salary structure, based on market data, that is also internally equitable.

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Key Insights: "Always On" Performance Management

Improving the performance management process has been top of mind for HR professionals in recent years, and many organizations are rolling out new methods and tactics that put employee engagement at the forefront, with processes taking a back seat. The most popular trend continues to be a push toward continuous performance management and the abandonment of long-held norms, such as the annual appraisal.

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